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Founder WorkRoom aims at connecting Canadian leaders and members through webinars and in-person events. It fosters a dialogue allowing professional growth on both ends. Our focus is to have a business speaker series wherein panelists who are prominent business pioneers, senior executives of multinational and/or national companies, government officials and/or diplomats will dialogue with business members.

If you want to be part of the community, become a member by subscribing below. If you want to become a partner, send us an electronic mail: rhunah@prolifiq.ca.

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Rhunah Soriano, prolifiq Management

As a woman belonging to the ethnic and linguistic minority, I face daily struggles, discriminations and prejudices with a smile and even joked that I am now “immune” to this battle. Rather, I define myself with every success I obtained, failures I learnt and positive encounters I own. Respectful of each individual’s life realities, experiences and environment, I developed empathy, deep understanding and offer support to people I meet.

After obtaining my undergraduate degree in Political Science at Concordia University in Montreal, my then-partner and I decided that I stay home for our son’s first five years to focus on raising our small and young family. It was the best decision I have ever made: investing the future of our child. This gave me the opportunity to learn about community centres and nonprofit organisations, which I eventually vowed to help, as they play a crucial role in the decline of poverty, which aims to decrease social issues that plagues the society. I believe that each one of us have a role to keep our environment safe and secure for our children.

Part of the active role I took on is to be build relationships through events. I hope this event will turn into a community that supports its partners and members, and that YOU join me promote this comradeship.

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