The WorkRoom


As the pandemic is coming to an end, no event in recent history has been so disruptive to our lives and the economy. Canadian business and society were required to adapt rapidly to the changing landscape and demands placed on them or perish in the process. 

As vaccination rollout competes with the continued spread globally of COVID-19 and its variants, the economy is slowly bouncing back and normalising. We are experiencing a new norm in socialising and networking, especially in running a business. 

This special event will address how the government and businesses of all sizes in Canada have survived through the COVID-19 pandemic and what can be done to ensure success of Canadian business as we move forward.

Panel of Discussion

  1. How companies (from startup to large, private, public and non-profit) survived and adapted from the sudden changes caused by the pandemic economically, socially and politically. 
  2. To discuss the technology that emerged and if this is just a trend.
  3. What does the economic future look like post-COVID-19.

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